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Researching and Writing

After a year and a half WITHOUT PROGRESS in my Permanent Residence process, I sought for help with FORMULA CANADA; the result of following their RCIC's advice was pretty much IMMEDIATE, and after a month a half I got confirmation of progress in my process. I WOULD RECOMMEND THEIR SERVICES WITHOUT A SECOND THOUGHT.

Andrea Marciales
MSc. Chemical Engineering
Edmonton, AB
Little Boy Playing Doctor

FORMULA CANADA helped us  choose the right English program for us out of the numerous options in their portfolio, and also with our 1 year - Study Permit applications; they FULLY INFORMED US of the various benefits we could access while in Calgary, like Public Health, which was critical for us as our first child was born during our time in Canada; HE IS NOW A CANADIAN CITIZEN!

Santiago Rueda + Francy Rangel
Hiking Boots

After FIVE YEARS of pursuing our dream to move to Canada  . . .  we thought about giving up on our dream, BUT before doing so we found a light on the road (Sonia P.)  . . .  [S]TEP BY STEP and with patience  we are now in Winnipeg, Manitoba  . . .  Thank you FORMULA CANADA for being part of our new beginning. 

Eduardo Lozada + Diana Perez
Supply Chain Professionals
Winnipeg, MN

Suite 200, 1001 - 1st Street SE

T2G 5G3, Calgary, Alberta

Phone + 403 454 6291

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