Extend or Restore your status
in Canada

Everyone wanting to remain in Canada as a Temporary Resident needs to maintain their legal status as a Visitor, Student or Worker, applying for an extension at least 30 days before the current status expires. If your status expires before applying to extend or change it, you will lose your status.  You can still apply for a new permit and to restore your status within 90 days of losing it. You can legally remain in Canada while waiting on either of both applications, but under different conditions.

Who is eligible to extend or change their status in Canada?

You must meet some basic requirements to change the conditions on your current status, or get your status extended or changed. You must:

While waiting on your application:

  • if you are applying only to extend the current permit under the same conditions, you can continue to study or work

  • if you are applying to change conditions on your work permit, you need to wait for an email from IRCC that says you have permission to change jobs or positions (open work permit holders can change employers at any time)

  • if you are applying to change your status, you need to stop your current activity (study or work) and wait until your new permit is issued to start with your new occupation (unless applying for a PGWP)

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Who is eligible to restore their status in Canada?

You can only apply to restore your status and authorization to the one you held immediately prior to the need to apply for restoration.


For example, if you held a study permit and have lost your status, you must restore your temporary resident status with authorization to study, and, if eligible, you can also apply for a work permit in the same application package; and viceversa.

You must also:

  • apply within 90 days of losing your status

  • have met the requirements for your stay (for example, you didn'w work illegally)

  • have met all conditions on your expired permit before it expired

  • explain the reason why you did not extend your status before its expiration

  • meet eligibility requirements for a visitor status, student status or worker status in Canada

  • remain in Canada until a decision is made

Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) holders are not eligible for restoration. They must submit an application for a new TRP.

While waiting on your application:

  • you may not continue to attend school or work until your status has been restored and a new work or study permit has been issued (if restoring your status with an employer-specific work permit you may be aligible to apply for an authorization to work while you wait on the decision)