• Study in internationally recognized educational institutions

  • Benefit from the Canadian government's funding in education and research

  • You may have the opportunity to work while studying

  • You may have the opportunity to work in Canada after finishing your studies

  • You may bring your family with you

  • You may be eligible to enjoy of the public health system

  • Your Canadian studies and work experience may help you in a future application to stay in Canada


Short Term Courses
Meet friends from all over the world with courses as short as 1 week!
Long Term Courses
6-months and 1-year plans to have a full immersion in the language
Business Programs
Improve your negotiation and public speaking skills while expanding your network
Courses for Adults
Enjoy of a great atmosphere with people your age (+30 and +45)
English Adventure Plans
Pair language classes with touristic activities every day and excursions on weekends!
English + Sports Plans
Improve your English and sport skills at the same time (hockey, tennis, dance, and more!)
Certificates for Teachers
Become an internationally certified Language Teacher
Personalized Courses
Total flexibility on length of course, hours of learning per week, extracurricular activities, and more
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At R&P we partner with authorized agents that recruit students for many different colleges and universities. They guide you through the whole registration process, filling-out the forms for you, guiding you through the specifics of the programs, among others.


Help of an Authorized Agent: Free!!!

(for a specific program and institution)




Since the majority of agents partner with private schools, while public schools are left outside their radar, we don't promote a specific list of institutions or programs because we believe that the decision you make on that regard has to be a conscious one, based on the plans you have about your future in Canada. 

With our Schooling Assistance Packages we provide you with the most suitable options of programs and institutions according to your future expectations, and we help you in the process of getting your applications through, also giving you guidance on all the available possibilities for you to explore, like scholarships. 

Schooling Assistance: $ 400 CAD

(includes a 1 hr Consultation Session)




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