Come to Canada
as an International Student

with a higher goal of immigration

What is Canada offering in terms of educational programs?

From language learning camps to Doctorate programs, the offer is wide. And even though studying in Canada doesn’t guarantee a future Permanent Residency, education in Canada can be a firm first step in the immigration pathway (when carefully planned).

Ready to get inspired by other minor students’ experience in Canada?

We are proud to hold partnerships that give us access to +500 institutions suitable for early academic and extracurricular exchanges, including elementary and secondary, arts, and language schools committed to providing integral and life-changing experiences. Watch some of their students!

An early education exchange is a first step towards a future admission in top colleges or universities abroad. World-renowned institutions look for leadership skills or leadership potential in applicants, and cultural immersion shows a commitment to teamwork and to tolerance of other cultures, as well as to broaden social horizons. It is key to show genuine interest in the chosen career program, that can be proven by a prior exchange in a school or program specialized in such area.

What do students say about studying English or French in Canada?

We are proud to have partnerships that give us access to +40 multi-city language institutions committed to providing integral and life-changing experiences. Watch some of their students!

What if your language immersion could potentially catapult you for future immigration?

Improving your language skills not only is necessary to shape your profile as a candidate for immigration, but taking a language program in Canada sets a good precedent in your travel history when submitting future applications to the Government of Canada.

Now, you might also be wondering:


Can you WORK while studying English or French in Canada?

You are allowed to work while studying English or French only:

  • In SOME institutions

  • On-Campus

  • When course is 6+ months *i.e., you hold a Study Permit)

  • NOT during course breaks

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Can you IMMIGRATE right after studying English or French in Canada?

Generally No, unless:

  • The ONLY thing separating you from getting your Permanent Residence is the proficiency level you achieve

  • There is a bigger picture for a family immigration strategy

  • Your pathway course is the first step on a strategy to immigrate through education

When carefully planned, coming to Canada for a language program can be a key piece in your immigration pathway. And we say “can” and not “will” because in some few cases, when not appropriately planned, it could actually mean a disadvantage; how? Some provinces take away points for candidates that have studied in other provinces in the past; ideally, your province of final destination is also your first stop in Canada.

Wondering how it would be like to start or advance your career in Canada?

We are proud to have partnerships that give us access to +300 post-secondary institutions offering world-class education in vocational, technical, hands-on, and professional programs, committed to providing integral and life-changing experiences. Meet some of them!

Can you Immigrate through Education?

What is the Education + Immigration formula all about?

Generally speaking, you can immigrate through Education, i.e. you could first arrive in Canada as an international student to then become a Permanent Resident, however, it is not a guarantee. 

Have a look at our blog post Canada: The Education + Immigration Formula for a detailed insight.



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Things that play a major role in an immigration through education strategy:

  • Study program selection

  • Province of destination

  • Your particular family profile

  • Overall compliance every step of the way

  • Keeping up with the changes in th Canadian immigration system, as it is an ever-evolving system

You have now decided Canada is the right place for your study plan abroad.  You have also found the right study program for you. Ready for the next step?