What can go wrong
with a Visitor Visa application?

After a refused Visitor Visa application, some people consider taking a consultation with a Canadian immigration professional. These conversations provide insight into the way people have addressed their unsuccessful applications in the past, and allow our Professional Consultant to provide her own recommendations on the matter.

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What are common errors people make when applying for a Canadian Visitor Visa?

  • Submitting incomplete applications (forms and documents)

  • Not paying attention to inconsistent information in application forms

  • Not meeting eligibility requirements 

  • Filling out forms wrongly due to lack of understanding of English or French

  • Failing to respond to official correspondence from the officer  assigned to their case

and the most serious of all,

  • Lying, legally known as “misrepresentation”

Our Professional Consultant recommends:

  • Wait for the right time to apply; small changes in your personal circumstances can greatly impact your eligibility, so it is better to wait for a time in which all requirements are met and no boxes are left unchecked

  • Use the help of a translator if you need; this alone can save you from wrongly filling out forms, and even more, from getting involved in a case of misrepresentation

  • Be truthful; governments know all already, so why lie? It is better to be 100% honest in a 100% of the questions, than being banned 5 years (or more) from approaching Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada

  • Do it right the first time; reapplying after an application has been refused, implies a greater effort in submission preparation has to be made, this time to address the concerns expressed by the visa officer in the refusal notification letter, on top of all things

  • Use professional advice to ensure a smooth, reliable, and timely application process

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