Come to Canada
as a Worker

Everyone wanting to work in Canada needs to hold a valid authorization to work. This document shows that you meet the requirements needed to work in Canada, and can be a Work Permit, or in some cases, an eTA or a Visitor Visa, suffice.

But first things first.

What is considered Work?

Work is any activity that:

  • you are paid to do, or

  • you are not paid to do but is a job that:

    • you would usually be paid for, or

    • would be a valuable work experience for a Canadian citizen or permanent resident (for example, an unpaid intern)

Pay includes money or commission:

  • an employer gives you,

  • you receive for a service, or

  • you receive for any other activity

Outdoor Meeting
In 2019, 98,310 individuals were issued work permits through the Temporary Foreign Worker Program and 306,797 individuals were issued a work permit under the International Mobility Program. This represents an increase of almost 70,000 new permits from 2018.   In 2019, 63,020 individuals with a temporary work permit were granted permanent residency based on the 2020 Annual Report to Parliament on Immigration.

Have you heard about labour shortages in Canada?

Employers in Canada have struggled for years to meet their labour needs. Watch some analysts and latest press reports on the matter.

In a recent study, Business Development Bank of Canada found a direct link between a shortage of workers and slower growth in company sales. Specifically, their statistical analysis shows that firms that are more affected by labour shortages are 65% more likely to be low-growth companies.